Natural and refined, horn buttons are strikingly elegant. They have soft colours and require skilled craftspeople to make. The material is very precious. They are ethical: our horn is a waste product recycled from the food industry, using Indian or African cows and buffaloes. This way, Gruppo Uniesse uses a material that would otherwise be wasted and gives it a new purpose. Without affecting biological cycles and in compliance with nature.


Opalescent reflections, intense tactile and visual sensations. Mother-of-pearl buttons shimmer with oceanic tints. They are made from shells found in the Southern oceans. Their surfaces are precious and exclusive: each imperfection is a sign of uniqueness. They are polished to a shine and provide an aura of refinement, taste, grace and elegance. An ode to nature. 


Gruppo Uniesse follows the paths of sap and chlorophyll. Wooden buttons have individual, fascinating veins. They reveal the poetry of fibres, plants, stems and stalks. They are cut from rods, which are made from trees of different colours and consistencies. They are original, authentic and unique, and feature the irregularities of nature. They are timeless and eternal, and have warm colours and a spontaneous appeal. Like gems sprouting on tree bark.


Bone buttons come in striking pale, natural colours. They have a pasty yet tough and durable texture. They also have an artisan feel. The raw material is recycled from the food industry to reduce waste to a minimum. It is cleaned and divided into sheets, planed and turned to create buttons with a strong identity. For an aesthetic of rebirth, conservation, and preciousness of every element.


Corozo, tagua, vegetable ivory. There are a variety of names for this natural material used by Gruppo Uniesse. It is made from the seeds of thephytelephas macrocarpa palm, which grows in the South American rainforest. It is a sustainable resource and its use does not compromise the forest’s ecosystem. Corozo buttons are easy to process and dye. They glimmer with tree pigments. Their surfaces are varied and shaded.


Pasty, durable and refined. Urea is one of Gruppo Uniesse’s strengths. The company recognises its quality and virtues and uses it in tandem with its extensive experience. Urea buttons reveal the fascination of their material, with an authentic appeal and an elaborate processing method in which tradition and technology come together.


Gruppo Uniesse moulds polyester, a thermoset, durable and versatile synthetic resin. It shapes it into buttons that can exactly reproduce the tactile and visual aspects of natural materials. Buttons that imitate mother-of-pearl, horn, ivory and tortoiseshell with varied sheen and colouring.


Gruppo Uniesse chooses the eco-responsible philosophy. Buttons are made from waste natural materials such as Mother-of-Pearl, Horn, Coconut and Bone. Button production offcuts, which would otherwise go to landfill, are given new life: they are ground down to powder, sieved and mixed with polyester resin to form a paste. This is then flattened and discs are cut to make new buttons. The waste from this process is ground down and reused, creating a never-ending production cycle.