Buttons in assembled mother-of-pearl

Enter the Gruppo Uniesse Workshop and see our premium materials and cutting-edge techniques.

An extremely sophisticated button from an original Gruppo Uniesse design that combines two types of mother-of-pearl in an exclusive item produced at our Madagascar workshop. Beginning with a slim disc of Australian mother-of-pearl, which is world-renowned for its preciousness and rarity, the material is skilfully worked and coloured to create the desired shade. Finally, it is set into a base of black mother-of-pearl from the island of Cebu.

The end result is a durable and 100% natural button with a refined, elegant appearance that works well in menswear and womenswear. It is ideal for elegant suits and jackets, ceremonial dress, and premium knitwear such as knitted jackets, while the smaller sizes are perfect for high-end shirts.